The Return to Intimacy

Intimacy – in·ti·ma·cy – noun

  • a close familiarity or friendship
  • a private cozy atmosphere

Synonyms:  togetherness, affinity, rapport, familiarity, friendliness, affection, warmth, confidence

If the above resonates with how you wish to do business, read on.

There is so much noise online.  News feeds are cluttered with sales pitches, people screaming for attention, businesses vying to get your attention.  It’s enough to make one want to shut off the computer.  But in today’s world we need a computer to succeed, to build our business and leverage our time.

There is a way to create your business, make money and stay true to who you are. 

I believe that a true business is built on relationships.  Real familiarity with those you invite into your circle.   It is possible to build intimacy into your business and still have automated systems in place and be productive.

It’s a delicate balance.

Are you ready for more intimacy in your life?  Be closer to your family, to your customers, build meaningful relationships with your circle of connections, and even be closer to yourself.

That is the Return to Intimacy.

This program will guide you through the map that combines automation, productive systems with meaningful business relationship building that will warmly welcome prospective buyers into your community.   Once involved in your community, these new customers will help you to expand your circle.

How does it happen?

By being real.  By valuing yourself, your business and honoring that which is most important to you.  I will help you carefully craft your message, show you how to share it with those who want to hear it, will understand it and embrace it.  Then, together, we will leverage online tools to help you expand and get your message out.

My name is Melissa Ward, and I’ve been working online since 1999.  I have built my business exclusively through digital marketing and relationship building.   In 2014, I had quite an “ah-ha” moment.   During the summer, my oldest daughter was sick.  I had to take time off from my business to be with her.  At first I was afraid that taking time away from my business would result in huge losses.  But as I stepped back, I realized that I already had systems in place to ensure that I could still earn a living and take care of my family.  While I did not make as much as I could have, I did better than just “get by”.

Then it struck me.  

How many solopreneurs and small business owners avoid stepping away from their businesses out of fear of losing income?  How many business owners put their families, the people closest to them, in the back row of their life in the name of “earning a living”?

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I lost my mother.  Again, I found myself having to step away from my business to take care of family matters.  Only this time, I did it with the confidence of knowing everything would be fine.

These experiences cemented the values I have always held dear.  My family and I come first, then my inner circle, my clients, and expansion.  I’ve been doing it all along, I just never realized how truly powerful my relationships were until I was in crisis.   By focusing on what is most important to me, I’ve built a business that speaks to my soul and allows me to design my life around my core values.

The Return to Intimacy will provide you with the insight and tools to build your business.  It will give you the confidence to step out and market that business based on what you value and hold dear.  There is a lot of rhetoric out there about being your own person, being authentic, etc…  but this program will give you the chutzpah to actually do it.

What we will cover:

  • Your unique sales proposition – how to define it, embrace it and share it
  • Getting in front of the people who matter
  • Mapping out your content to get the most out of your digital channels
  • How to use digital tools to best leverage your time and reach your goals.
  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t
  • Getting sales

The feeling you get when you work with your PERFECT client is hard to define.   Imagine the excitement you will feel knowing you have exactly what it takes to serve them.  It’s like finding “the one”.   When you are in tune with your core, and share that message, you bring in those perfect clients and your work is so much more fulfilling.

You will give yourself the life you desire, by freeing yourself from the status quo.  You will move forward, growing your business confidently, even if you have to step away from it for a bit.

As I write this, I have goosebumps. I know this works because I experienced it for myself, and I want this for you too.   Let me help you have more intimacy with yourself, your family, your circle and your clients.

6 week program:  Only $197

Return to Intimacy
Return to Intimacy
Price: $197.00


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